Buisnesses charging my Credit Card without my consent.

Since when is it legal to simply put charges on someones card 'at will'?


Yesterday I was working with 'Fat Cow' my ISP (I was talking to their 'on-line' help, which I believe are in India) trying to get some things straightened out, and they 'stepped-out' for amoment to do something and when they came back they said Pay Pal wouldn't accept the charge (against me). I didn't say charge anything, we were just talking about costs etc and this is what happens. I have previously ended doing business with Pay Pal for this very action with this very same company, they had me listed for 'automatic payment' despite my not wanting it and a request directly to Pay Pal that they not allow 'recurring charges' of any kind to my account. Where is this going to stop? Had my credit card not changed, they would probably still be charging my account at will.

I sent a letter to my legislator outlining some of this problem, perhaps to consider some legislation to protect the consumer, I've enclosed it here.


How do I file a complaint against the Oregon DOJ? (for not answering a complaint[against MagazineAgent])

I filed a complaint with them sometime back (#395427) and got nothing. I go in now and search (the complaint #) and it doesn't exist. I filed another complaint, this morning, and not only did I not get a reporting # I can't find the complaint I just filed.

Now, not that it is your jurisdiction but it was against a company simply "Magazine Agent" [(888) 590-0030 Magazine-Agent.com is a privately held corporation, owned and operated by Contrix Inc., and is headquartered in New York City.] and the complaint was, they were simply charging my account yearly for a magazine subscription. No questions asked, just charge it. First of all, I don't remember ever doing business with a "Magazine Agent" as in fact I had earlier been pounded with mail from a different agent right next to Medford, in Central Point claiming to be a magazine agent and when I talked to 'Science News' at the time, they said they "Did not" go through any agents. In the meantime the outfit in Central Point (just a PO for an address) was convicted for fraud. I saw that on the news, nobody told me. Anyway, I was again talking to 'Science News' and they said I was paid up for several years hence, why would I want to pay automatically years in advance? Why is the credit card company allowed to accept these charges? Something is not right here.

I used to use PayPal for on line transactions but they too allowed people to bill them in my name for something I didn't ask for e.g. to continue a subscription. I looked up some federal banking people and submitted a complaint but that also went no where. I no longer use PayPal.

Now I have specifically written both Pay Pal and my credit card companies that under NO circumstances is this to be allowed and they are apparently not set up to NOT allow that action. I never get an answer, I'm just ignored. A legal manuver. Do I have to get my own lawyer? What to frac is the Oregon DOJ for? kissing that liberal governors ass???

I ran across a 3rd incident but I guess there is no sense bothering you with it.

So, any chance you can jack up the DOJ about this?

2. There is no law against people charging my credit for services I don't request? Maybe there should be.

You have a good Christmas...


Below is the email I received from the above referenced company, 'MagazineAgent'.
Nov 29 at 1:48 AM

IMPORTANT! Do *NOT* reply directly to this email. Follow the links below for customer service.
Ticket #: 5851257
Dear Xxxxxxxxx,
Your subscription to Science News was originally ordered on 12/8/2016 (confirmation code 718700824300001). At that time, it was enrolled in an automatic renewal program to ensure uninterrupted service. This order was scheduled to renew on 11/8/2017, however, we were unable to get authorization to charge your credit card on file (Visa ending in 5024). At this time, your subscription to Science News has been removed from the automatic renewal program. The last issue of your current subscription will mail on 1/4/2018 unless you elect to renew by 12/8/2017.

The subscription to Science News is currently being delivered to:

I have never ever granted anybody permission to automatically renew anything!!!!!!!!
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