January 2, 2009

John McCain
United States Senate
241 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510-0303

Hi.  I wrote to you before during your run for the presidency.  I’m not a constituent but you seemed like something very rare, an honest politician.  I have a question and I’m writing you because you ‘hopefully’ are honest and I am unable to get an answer anywhere else.

One question.  I have been following the Obama president elect closely and I have noted there has been a lot of controversy regarding him even being legal to run.  He evidently has never released his “Certificate of Live Birth” for public scrutiny, as you did.  So my question is; is he?  It appears he hasn’t released his CLB as there are half a dozen attorneys trying to take that fact to court.  If it was released that wouldn’t happen.  Clearly BHO is hiding something, he must not be legal to run for office of president.  So that actually brings another question, why haven’t you or for that matter and the other 334 members of congress done something about it?  Right now a congressmen is thought less of than the slime on a bull’s butt so this just perpetuates that feeling.  So what gives?

I know you (John) probably won’t get to see this but I had to try.
Thanks anyway