http-equiv="Content-Type"> Merkley rubber stamp say-nothing letter

This is the mealy mouth say nothing answer ai got from this two faced lying jerk.  I don't have the letter or fax I sent in that I have to send them through other means now as he knows me and at least he had to send me a rubber stamp answer here.  The letter was not even dated.  7-14-10



Thank you for contacting me to express your concerns about a potential lame duck session in Congress.  It is an honor to serve as your Senator and I appreciate hearing your thoughts on this matter.


As you may know, scheduling debate and determining the Senate calendar is a responsibility of the Senate Majority Leader.  Please know that as Senate leadership engages the caucus about the upcoming schedule for the fall, I will be sure to keep your views about a potential lame duck session in mind. 

Thank you for contacting me to share your views.  I hope you will continue to keep me informed about the issues that matter most to you.



Jeffrey A. Merkley
United States Senator