ARROGANT CORRUPT, we are talking about 'our' politicians here

I'm not sure who this was sent to, probably it is a public document on Google Documents & newsgroups.  Some of it I got from other sources.


    You've heard the expression, "hidden in plane sight" or  "Can't see the forest for the trees?"  Political corruption in the US is just that, corruption at such a scale, in plane sigh; we think that is just the way things work.  We can't see the forest because the trees are everywhere or in this case, we can't identify corruption because virtually everything is corrupt and we have nothing to compare it to.

The Food Industry

    If you have been listening on the news you have heard story after story about food recalls and people getting sick because of it.  So what happens to the manufacture?  They recall the tainted food.  They can't be sued, it is against the law, congress took care of that.  Do you think if the food industry was looking at an unlawful lawsuit every time they killed somebody they would be more careful.  You bet they would, but it is just not a big deal now.  The recall might be expensive but it is nothing compared to what they would have to pay out in death benefits.

    Another thought would be if we could sue TFI than we could sue China for the crap they have been selling here but I have the strong feeling there is something going on with our relations with China that is more on a corrupt personal level.  For instance, why did China give Ronald Regan one million dollars after he ended his presidency?  The communications satellite during the Clinton administration with our latest technology on it that China was going to launch and the launch failed.  They kept the satellite. 
Oct 11,  2007    It has been in the news about Banquet Pot Pies making people sick and a few deaths from salmonella poisoning yet CON-AGRA at first says, they are not pulling the product.  Why should they, it is only people and it would cost them money.  They don't have fear about being sued.

The Pharmaceutical Industry

    If you thought the food industry has congress in their pockets, the Pharm has congress gutted, bagged, and packaged, Dems & Repubs alike.  The food industry might have a billion or so for "lobbying" and advertising expenses but the Pharm industry has tens of billions for "lobbing" and advertising.  With an advertising budget of over ten billion dollars, do you think the "media" is going to do something to piss off the Pharm?  Not on your life, literally.  If you just watch, anything negative in the news about the Pharm is treated like today's weather, a synapsis with lots of if's and maybe's and they might even try to sneak it by on the late night news.  So, they reported it; you can't say they didn't and therefore the media can pat itself on the back as being "fair" and "un-biased."  In the meantime what the Pharm does that is bad or their "lobbying" hijinks, are about as under-reported as they can get.  Another Thing, The Medicare part IV has to be the most obvious blatant law designed to "protect" one of the richest industries in the US.  Check the cost of drugs at the end of this article.

The Sugar Industry

    It was reported once, did you catch it?  You probably don't even remember it.  The sugar industry is monopolized by a single family.  No sugar comes in or out of the US without going through them.  So what happened to free trade?  TSI annually gives heavily to both parties.  The result is the price of sugar in the US is almost twice what it should be.

 "Lifesavers" candy abandons U.S. plant  ^ | May 31 | Kevin Tibbles  

Posted on 06/01/2002 4:25:00 PM PDT by FourPeas

Manufacturer says high cost of sugar in U.S. prompted exit
They moved to Canada because the price of sugar is that much cheaper up there.

The Asphalt Lobby

The Asphalt Industry You would think that if you actually found a use for a waste product, particularly one that there was no other use for and was stacking up by the millions would be a win win situation but win win doesn't translate to money in your congressmen's pocket.  It was found that putting ground up tires in asphalt it not only was a practical use for old tires it extended the life of the asphalt from 15 to 20%.  Now that is a win win if I ever heard one, what could possibly be wrong with that?  The Asphalt Industry felt it would be unduly penalized due to the loss of work/product.  Now they don't have a billion dollar lobbying budget but they got to somebody and the bill in congress to make this happen, died.


    Almost everything you touch has the stain of political corruption and greed on it.  Milk for instance.  Reconstituted milk could sell for a fraction of fresh milk, but it is against the law to sell it for less than fresh milk.  A loaf of bread has over 100 taxes on it, but you knew that; everybody knows that it is just the day to day la-ti-da of getting screwed by politicians.

October 11, 2007    Just today I listened to the media tell a hospital practice called "boarding" the putting emergency room patients on a gurney and leaving them in halls etc. sometimes for days, due to lack of room for them.  They sort-of mentioned by saying it was due to the un-insured once but never really addressed it.  True the un-insured are swamping our emergency rooms but most of the uninsured are illegal aliens.  Another example of reporting half the news, the half they don't want to report, the half that goes against "their" politics.

Media, sell us out for a buck

    When it comes to reporting about something they are against or make themselves look good, the news is right there.  Who reported the military was able to listen to Bin Laden's Satellite phone calls?  That's right, the media.  You couldn't send Bin Laden a letter and expect him to get it but if you publish the secret in the media he will get it no matter where he is.  Don't believe me (some have denied this) how about every time we track a terrorist using their cell phone signal, that has been in the news many times.  Do you think the terrorists don't get the news?  They would publish our strategy against the terrorists if they could get it.  It is for ratings, it is for money, it is about nothing else.  INTEGRITY, the most looked up word in the on-line dictionaries last year.  Nobody has heard of it, nobody has seen it, nobody knew what it meant.

    Now this certainly sounds like a condemnation of the media and it is, but the root of this problem is the illegal immigration problem and that is because of congresses reluctance to do anything about it.  Twenty million people in the US without any insurance.  Twenty Million who send the majority of their money back to Mexico (the leading income to the Mexican economy) that come up here with diseases, parasites, lesions and above all, pregnant,  to fill our emergency rooms with their ills and our schools with illiterates that don't speak or even try to speak the language.


From a retired nurse friend... HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?

COSTCO! read this... Let's hear it for Costco!! (This is just mind-boggling!) Make sure you read all the way past the list of the drugs. The woman that signed below is a Budget Analyst out of federal
Washington , DC offices.

Did you ever wonder how much it costs a drug company for the active ingredient in prescription medications? Some people think it must cost a lot, since many drugs sell for more than $2.00 per tablet. We did a search of offshore chemical synthesizers that supply the active ingredients found in drugs approved by the FDA. As we have revealed in past issues of Life Extension, a significant percentage of drugs sold in the United States contain active ingredients made in other countries. In our independent investigation of how much profit drug companies really make, we obtained the actual price of active ingredients used in some of the most popular drugs sold in America .

The data below speaks for itself.

Celebrex: 100 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $130.27
Cost of general active ingredients: $0.60
Percent markup: 21,712%
Claritin: 10 mg
Consumer Price (100 tablets): $215.17
Cost of general active ingredients: $0.71
Percent markup: 30,306%
Keflex: 250 mg
Consumer Price (100 tablets): $157.39
Cost of general active ingredients: $1.88
Percent markup: 8,372%
Lipitor: 20 mg
Consumer Price (100 tablets): $272.37
Cost of general active ingredients: $5.80
Percent markup: 4,696%
Norvasc: 10 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $188.29
Cost of general active ingredients: $0.14
Percent markup: 134,493%

Paxil: 20 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $220.27
Cost of general active ingredients: $7.60
Percent markup: 2,898%Prevacid: 30 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $44.77
Cost of general active ingredients: $1.01
Percent markup: 34,136%

Prilosec: 20 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $360.97
Cost of general active ingredients $0.52
Percent markup: 69,417%
Prozac: 20 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets) : $247.47
Cost of general active ingredients: $0.11
Percent markup: 224,973%

Tenormin: 50 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $104.47
Cost of general active ingredients: $0.13
Percent markup: 80,362%
Vasotec: 10 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $102.37
Cost of general active ingredients: $0.20
Percent markup: 51,185%
Xanax: 1 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets) : $136.79
Cost of general active ingredients: $0.024
Percent markup: 569,958%
Zestril: 20 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets) $89.89
Cost of general active ingredients $3.20
Percent markup: 2,809

Zithromax: 600 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $1, 482.19
Cost of general active ingredients: $18.78
Percent markup: 7,892%Zocor: 40 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $350.27
Cost of general active ingredients: $8.63
Percent markup: 4,059%
Zoloft: 50 mg
Consumer price: $206.87
Cost of general active ingredients: $1.75
Percent markup: 11,821%

{In the news tonight, the DEA was justifying their marijuana raids in California where it is legal by saying some of these people were doing it for money.  Lets see, Glaxo Kline & Walgreen Maybe ?}

Since the cost of prescription drugs is so outrageous, I thought everyone should know about this. Please read the following and pass it on. It pays to shop around. This helps to solve the mystery as to why
they can afford to put a Walgreen's on every corner. On Monday night, Steve Wilson, an investigative reporter for Channel 7 News in Detroit , did a story on generic drug price gouging by pharmacies. He found in his investigation, that some of these generic drugs were marked up as much as 3,000% or more. Yes, that's not a typo... three thousand percent! So often, we blame the drug companies for the high cost of drugs, and usually rightfully so. But in this case, the fault clearly lies with the pharmacies themselves. For example, if you had to buy a prescription drug, and bought the name brand, you might pay $100 for 100 pills. The pharmacist might tell you that if you get the generic equivalent, they would only cost $80, making you think you are "saving" $20. What the pharmacist is not telling you is that those 100 generic
pills may have only cost him $10!

At the end of the report, one of the anchors asked Mr. Wilson whether or not there were any pharmacies that did not adhere to this practice, and he said that Costco consistently charged little over their cost for the generic drugs.

I went to the Costco site, where you can look up any drug, and get its online price. It says that the in-store prices are consistent with the online prices. I was appalled. Just to give you one example from my own experience, I had to use the drug, Compazine, which helps prevent nausea in chemo patients.

I used the generic equivalent, which cost $54.99 for 60 pills at CVS. I checked the price at Costco, and I could have bought 100 pills for $19.89. For 145 of my pain pills, I paid $72.57. I could have got 150 at Costco for $28.08. 

I would like to mention, that although Costco is a "membership" type store, you do NOT have to be a member to buy prescriptions there, as it is a federally regulated substance. You just tell them at the door that you wish to use the pharmacy, and they will let you in. (this is true)

I went there this past Thursday and asked them. I am asking each of you to please help me by copying this letter, and passing it into your own e-mail, and send it to everyone you know with an e-mail address.

Sharon L. Davis
Budget Analyst
U.S . Department of Commerce
Room 6839
Office Ph: 202-482-4458
Office Fax: 202-482-5480
E-mail Address: <>;

Politicians consider themselves "elitest, and 'above the law'".