Auto emissions

May 4, 2005
Medford Tribune,  Letters
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California Clean Air

So our governor wants the state of Oregon to follow California demanding stricter emissions on our cars   The DEQ has stated that over 98% of the problem is caused by less than 2% of the vehicles, but the governor wants to remedy this by making ‘all’ Oregonians pay to clean up the air.   Gee, his tax would miss people riding bicycles, they are not causing the problem either but they are paying nothing.  How about when people share a ride?   If there are four people in a car than 3 of them are not paying anything to help alleviate the problem.   A car passenger tax.  That would do it!  sic.

Hey, how about this and it isn’t much of a stretch.   As less than 2% of Oregonians break the law, maybe we should lock all Oregonians in prison for 5 years, that way we are sure to get the guilty that never pay.   What a grand idea.   Don’t mention this in Salem however, somebody might think it is a good idea.