Just pissed at congress

November 25, 2006

You need to listen to me for the moment, I don’t send this on a whim, I’ve thought about it a long time and I really feel, no; I am quite certain, you don’t get it. 

I am fed up with congressional inability to get anything of substance done (although a congressional pay raise always seems to get through).  All the in-fighting and bickering sounds like Shiites and the Sunnis.  What next, grenades & car bombs?  Or is it a smokescreen as some have suggested?  You make like it is a big political battle; this in-fighting, but is it really for the stopping or delaying any real legislation for the sole purpose of extending your time at the government trough. $$$

Now; don’t get on your righteous horse and act insulted.   There is a higher concentration of criminals in congress than anywhere else in America: well over a hundred have been accused of espousal abuse,  arrested for fraud, accused of writing bad checks, bankruptcies,  assault,   bad credit,  drug-related charges,  shoplifting and drunk driving  and I’m sorry those are old statistics and they are the ones we know of which are most certainly only a fraction of what goes on. 

I read a story once about when Tip O’Neill left office (finally).  A large moving van pulled up to his office and everything of value was loaded up and he took it home.   Everything, the huge (expensive) mahogany desk, all the furniture, paintings even the rug was stripped out and taken away.  The only thing about it was, none of it belonged to him, they were ‘on loan’ from the government.   Somebody asked. “Why doesn’t somebody stop him?” and the answer was, “Why?  They ALL do it?”  So this is it, this is the righteous people of congress?  Blatant thieves.  I have written to many different congressmen and not surprising, I can’t get a single answer one way or the other as to the validity of this story, apparently it is true.  I wouldn’t want to admit it either.

When times are good you pass a pay raise because you deserve it for all the good work and when times are bad you pass a pay raise because, well, times are tough and you need the money.  When somebody brings up real problems you change the subject to issues that bring up division and hatred among the public. You do this and you think I haven’t noticed?

(I believe) corruption [in congress] is common-place, however I suspect you don’t view most of it as such.  Passing favorable legislation or not passing unfavorable legislation, appointments, assures you benefits I can only guess at.  Foreign numbered banks accounts, favors, information, gifts, assurance of ‘pat’ jobs for you or others, all at my expense.  An excellent example of this is the FDA.  Is there a single person in there that hasn’t been bought, bribed or coerced in some way by the drug companies?  Clearly when you pass legislation “requiring” seniors to sign up with a drug company, threaten and penalize anyone who would have the audacity to seek cheaper drugs elsewhere, you are legislating corruption.  Just because you pass a law doesn’t make it right.  If I had my way you would all be literally skinned, staked over an active ant hill and your corrupt staff forced to antagonize the ants.  It would only be just.

An e-mail circulating recently pointed out that the drug companies can and do make anywhere from ten to one hundred thousand percent on their product.  The figures check out yet why are pharmaceutical companies getting the most favored legislation; apparently they know who to bribe. .


 Thank You