E-Mail to John McCain

It is hard to follow all the BS of all the candidate so what i do is follow along until I find some BS, Lies or distortions of the truth. You have the “Straight Talk Express” but I don’t feel you are. You say we should temporarily suspend the gas tax and stop filling the strategic oil reserve to reduce pressure on the oil prices. You and I both know, prices are going no where but up and all your doing is shooting for votes and that is Bull Shit John. I’ve been going through your WEB site and I don’t see where you are really changing the Bush economy at all, I have yet to see anything where you will stop subsidizing big business at the expense of the tax payer.

I would like to see some truth John, tell me about the USS Liberty, something your dad had a hand in the cover up of. Why is it we must give the Jews blow jobs once a week, every week. I would like to hear the truth from at least one candidate.