I happened to catch a few minutes of your show today, I can see why it isn't something I would do on purpose. I also tried to check out your WEB site and there were so many pop-ups dueling with my pop-up blocker I gave up & figured is must be just BS anyway.

As it is your promotion of the liberal left, as the media usually does and in particularly homosexuality is, as to be expected, not news but personal opinion & attempts at changing history. (again)  Of course anything said against homosexuality is labeled homophobic and bigoted.   Clearly you (they) are concerned about their position when they classify any negative discussion of the problem as homophobic.

A homosexual is a person with a problem, just as the report from the military states.   I did a lot of research on the subject because I wanted to know just what was what and this has been my conclusion.  I have hundreds of documents from dozens of sources to back it up. They are either on my WEB site or links to the documents are on the site but I'm certain a biased liberal would never look at it.

A pedophile is a person with a mental problem. I don't know if they are born with it or it comes about but their sickness could also be explained with my conclusions but they are sick people just as homosexuals are sick.  Now I'm not saying lock anybody up or making any suggestion, I'm simply stating the facts.

You made the statement (the guy clown on the show this morning) that in the seventies the psychiatric community declared or stated that homosexuality was not an illness.  First of all, let me point out that in books prior to this time homosexuality was considered an illness.   What happened in the seventies was the gays lobbied, threatened, berated and otherwise pressured to get the definition changed, the psychiatric community did not change the books because of any scientific determination,  it was a political move.   That is a fact that anyone can find out (except on a homo WEB site) if they care to research the matter.   No amount of stating otherwise will change history.

Personally, I didn't care what two people did in the privacy, it is just when they march up down the street advocating sticking their pickle up their buddies pooper as a socially acceptable act that I  feel they have crossed the line.   Tell me please how that can be?  Do you think sticking things,  (not just 'their' pickle) up someone's ass is a 'sane' thing to do?   Get on TV, on that show your on [The Daily Buzz] and profess that.   It wouldn't even make it through the censors let alone convince anybody it is socially acceptable.  What better way to get and spread disease than ‘playing' in each others pooper.