A fax to congressmen on the Gay Issue.

Senators of Oregon:   Re: the current debate on gay marriage.

No matter how you look at it be it religious or Darwinian, a gay person cannot exist naturally, they are deviant and were even classified such for many years.  The amount of evidence that is available is overwhelming, I donít understand how this can get so screwed up.  We have shown over and over that contamination of certain chemicals can cause sex disorders in fetus as well as developed animals.   Well news flash, we are of the animal species, they call us Humans.  These people need help, not legislation recognizing their deformity as something acceptable.   Most of us agree that a pedofile is a sick individual, so 5 years from now are we going to pass legislation creating a new sub-species of humans called pedofile?

For more info & links to many professional articles supporting my argument:   "http://www.dumbellnebula.com"

Thank You

July 14, 2004