Tax Tobacco

Form Letter to all the congressmen of the state regarding the tobacco industry.  Probably in response to some discussion of why the FDA doesn't regulate the tobacco industry.
I used to save all my answers, if I got one at all, but it just doesn't make any difference, nobody gives a rat's ass.

August 7, 2000

It has been a long standing fact that virtually everything manufactured or sold in the U. S. comes under the scrutiny of one or more government agencies under the pretense of public safety.  As you well know the logging and fishing industry in Alaska has been heavily legislated.  They don't seem to be able to move without a dozen agencies swooping down on them to be sure they protect not only the citizens of the state but practically every other living thing in existence; owls, fish, plants even dirt is protected; we wouldn't want any erosion, would we?  So why is it out of all the thousands of companies and manufactures in the U. S. one company is allowed to kill millions of people and get away with it, and they are not even in this state?  One product is exempt and it turns out this product is actually killing more U.S. Citizens than all the wars ever fought, than all the diseases put together, it is costing the American people billions of dollars and they are still not regulated by a single government agency.  They can put whatever they want in an cigarette and it will be inhaled by millions of addicted smokers.  I'm talking about the tobacco industry, of course.  So now that they are getting a little attention they are whining & crying that they have to pay billions of dollars when in reality they should have been indited for murder and drug dealing.  What I want you to do is head off this watered down piece of legislation the tobacco industry is backing and give the FDA some teeth in dealing with the tobacco industry.  I'm sure South Carolina kicked your butt with the timber & fishing regulation.

 More people died during the time it took me to type this letter than died on the recent Alaska Airlines crash but look which one was investigated and which one we turn a blind eye to.

 Thank You