Letter to congressmen on a Bill regarding the FDA

We know what you are doing.  The FDA has been singled out as possibly the most corrupt organization in the government and viewing the corruption in our government, that is saying a lot.  Isnít it true that leaders of, the decision makers of the FDA retire to fat easy jobs at the pharmaceutical companies? It is exasperating that something hasnít been done but as we know, corruption is rampant.

OK, here is.  We object in the strongest of terms of the FDA having any control over the herbs, functional foods, therapeutic oils, nutritional supplements and even physical devices such as massage rocks as either "drugs" or "medical devices.Ē  There can be no question the true reasoning behind this and it has nothing to do with the protection of individuals. It would have been nice for them to watch out for the real crooks out there selling things with the express reason to deceive but instead having chosen to protect a different type of crook.   We were really shocked with the ruling on medicare part IV, simply outlawing buying drugs anywhere else and no one would notice the drug companies increased their prices by %50 after the ruling.   Why not?  They can charge anything they want and yet our seniors are REQUIRED to purchase drugs from them.   Oh yes, the government will help the expenses.  So now not only are the drug companies fleecing individuals they actually are getting paid directly from the government for it.   Corrupt, corrupt corrupt. We know and we are working to expose those responsible.

Back to the main point. NO! Under no circumstances do we want the FDA to have any control over alternative medicine.  They have proven untrustworthy and counterproductive.  Their aim is to stifle the competition to the big drug companies, what of it there is. Clearly it is a threat when a 50Ę natural product will cure something while a pharmaceutical company making thousands selling drugs that cures nothing.

Marry Ann Block, D. O.

In 1977 my daughter was put on {long-term treatment for a six-month treatment} all the Valium of and the antidepressant and Tofranil for her chronic bladder infection.
She had no psychiatric problems.  The drugs were prescribed for the side effects on the bladder.  The doctors were adamant that this was the only way she would you will.
Instead getting well she got worse.  She became ill for the next three years as result of this treatment.  I then did not only surgeon found that these drugs could affect the the immune system as well as the nervous system. 
In my frustration via my daughter well, I decided to go to medical school myself.
I wanted to learn what doctors learned so I could protect my family from this happening begin. 
At age 39, I entered medical school.  There, I learned what doctors learn but I also learned that doctors don't learned.

I found that doctors learn what the pharmaceutical companies want them to learn. Almost everything doctors are taught is filtered through the drug companies.

Doctors learned to cover-up symptoms with drugs instead of trying to find because of a health problem and fix it.

Doctors learn how to write prescriptions.  If all you have is a pushed ahead, her everyone who will get a prescription.

Doctors learned little or nothing about nutrition even though every pile chemical process our body is the tenant on nutrients to function properly.

Everyday I see patients who have been hurt by the medical profession and everyday I am grateful I went to medical school.
Not only have I had the opportunity to help my patients but also my family members.
I am thankful that I learned what doctors don't know so I can take a different approach-find because, fix the problem!

Every person America who values are life and health needs to read this book.

It might secure you that it is your best hope of protecting yourself from the worst the medicine and has to offer to millions of unwitting patients everyday.