Rep. Gene Whisnant

I understand you don't want to sponsor a Convention of States bill but would sponsor a balanced budget amendment. Now you and I both know you say that just as a put-off. You and I both know the sun will turn into a cold hard rock long before congressmen vote to cut off their own funds. While many a person has gone into politics with great ideals they soon fall to greed and corruption because it is so easy and their is no personal pay-back for honesty. I put the number of honest politicians @ 1%, the real weird-ohs, 5% tops. You would genuinely have to be nuts not to screw 300 million people when it is so-o-o easy. Integrity? You won't find that in congress, if there was any it would be sold off or traded for personal favors or money.

Do you really, honestly, believe the scum sucking self serving politicians are going to vote themselves out of money? They might not be able to ensure their re-election, the absolute Omani-point object of their being. Politicians, if they could get away with it would sell babies for dog food if it meant getting re-elected and judging by some of the legislation passed, it has already been done in a indirect fashion. e.g.

Powdered Milk should be cheaper than regular milk, but the scum sucking self serving politicians passed laws and that is no longer the case.

A loaf of bread has over 100 taxes on it if you count them all. Who gets that money?? Politicians and the friends they pay off.

Asphalt can be made cheaper and last longer if re-cycled glass were part of the product but the asphalt lobby paid off a few scum sucking bottom dwelling self serving politicians and now the asphalt industry doesn't have to worry about that happening.

This is an example of the petty shit that is repeated thousands of times in our government and why? Because they can.

Proof? Everybody has a lobby because lobbies work. Payoffs, schmoozing at parties, free trips, free, free, free and the biggest one, promises of high paying jobs after they get out of office. Look at the FDA for an example of corruption. Look where ex-FDA officials are today. Now they may not have been elected but they are politicians none the less and a good example of what happens with lots of power and no oversight.

The Convention of States is the over-site to insure the US having a strong future. Everybody needs limitations and nobody needs it worse than congress.

Please help us and re-consider the Convention of States amendment. Be the 1%
Thank You
No, I don't want on any e-mail list. I don't want personal propaganda from any politician. I certainly couldn't believe anything from them. They generally are liars and thieves, the lowest form of life.