Illeagels & the 'BOMB'

Letter sent to Ron Wyden, congressmen, state of Oregon

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July 16, 2005

Ron Wyden
516 Hart SOB
Washington, D.C. 20510-0001

CNN Quick Poll

Created: Friday, July 15, 2005, at 17:27:27 EDT
Do you believe elected officials in Washington are truly working in the national interest?
Yes  2% 99 votes
No  98% 5931 votes
Total: 6030 votes

Very impressive, don’t you think?   %98 of Americans think your not doing a shitty job.

How could that be?   Let me count the ways!

The war in Iraq by all polls is now the #1 for concern.   Articles like this don’t help matters either.
e.g.    • • •  Al-Qaida Has Nuclear Weapons Inside U.S.• • •

So what is congress doing about this?   They (you) covertly built the Greenbrier Bunker to protect themselves and than realized they couldn’t possibly get there in time of emergency so that was abandon, at the cost of what, one hundred million?   You spent 10 million on your own private subway.  And yet, none of these things will protect you if a bomber slips across the border with a “big one” and detonates it in D.C..   That must be why so many are gone so much of the time.   C-Span has a difficult time trying to take a video (with a 1 million dollar camera that does electronic cosmetics on the subjects so they don’t look like the decrepit miserly old men they are) and not show all the empty seats.   Most of the grandiose speeches are made to an empty floor, soul ly for the purpose of PR for the camera. . We know most deals are made behind closed doors, everything else is just for show, just to get re-elected.   And at what cost?   We did save money by declaring catsup a vegetable at our school lunches.   Not to mention the side benefit of that.   As catsup is %30 sugar, we know that one of ‘our’ biggest campaign contributors will benefit, the sugar industry.   Another win win situation.

What I am writing you about is the influx of illegals across our Southern Border.  Bush has ordered that Mexicans are to be sent back but those from any other country may stay?
From NPR Morning Edition July 11,
"If a Mexican citizen crosses the U.S. border and gets caught, the person is deported within hours. But non-Mexican citizens who are detained are allowed to stay with a government-issued slip. NPR's John Burnett reports on the immigration policy that has allowed thousands of undocumented people to go free."

First of all, somebody had to write that “loophole” into the legislation, why?
 I was wondering, does that go for arabic looking people carrying backpacks?   Kennedy says we can’t discriminate against anyone just because we ‘think’ they might be a terrorists so backpacks aside, due to this “loophole” we cannot legally stop an Arab at the Mexican border.   Is this stupid or what?   This and the fact that we stop only about 1 in 10 of the Mexicans that want to cross anyway and we all know everybody in congress supports this despite public disapproval.

If they do set off a nuke in D.C., [even with the best of timing they will only get %30 of the congressmen, too many away on “fact finding” missions] Coming back to your district with all the facts coming to light may not be an option either.   I guess if that comes to pass you had  best to take your family & your Swiss bank accounts & move to Canada, they accept just about anybody up there I hear.

I have been trying to alert people with my poor little WEB site.
You guys just have a good day now.