A letter from my Senator in response to an E-mail I sent him

Comprehensive Immigration reform (CIRA) act of 2006 {S. 2611}

June 12, 2006

Dear Friend:

Recently, the Senate passed the comprehensive immigration reform act of 2006 {S. 2611}. This legislation addressed for major issues: were security, interior enforcement, guest workers, and the illegal immigrants now in this country.  I believe that we cannot continue to absorb the flow of the illegal immigrants, many of whom benefit from our government services American citizens and companies provide.  Reform is necessary and our borders must be tightened. Anyone who wants to come to live or working United States must abide by Roswell paying taxes and learning English language.

During the Senate's debate on yes.  2611 I voted for numerous amendments that would strengthened our borer what with any illegal aliens from receiving benefits for breaking laws. I voted to make English are official language and require hundreds miles of improved fencing and vehicle barriers along the border.  I also supported an amendment that would protect any guest worker programs from going into effect until all require border security and the enhancements are completed.  Finally I supported an amendment that would prevent illegal aliens from receiving so social security benefits based on the unauthorized work history.

The United States economy is in the of the world in the opportunities here attract millions of workers from over the world.  Many of these workers can treat really to our economy, particularly in the high-tech and agricultural sent sectors.  While I voted for the creation of a limited guest worker programs to keep our economy going, I continue to postpone amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Our national security depends on secure borders.  The same security gaps that allow illegal immigrants to cross remorse also provides opportunities for terrorists. I believe closing these gaps should be one of our highest priorities. S.2611 will authorize the department of homeland security to build a "virtual fans" that will allow our border to be controlled with unmanned aircraft, cameras, sensors and other technology.

S. 2611 is currently under final negotiations with the house and Senate. Rest assured, I will bury her concerns in mind as this legislation comes before the Senate for final vote.

Gordon H Smith