Iraqi Immigration

This is a letter I sent to the congressmen, you don't get answers to this kind of letter.

March 7, 2007

I see the UN is wanting the US to take in more 'refugees' from Iraq. 7000 Refugees? If they won't fight for their country, why are we? This is ludicrous. Maybe if they had to stay there they could fix their own country, it is 'their' country isn't it, and this one ours?  We don't 'owe' them a thing, in fact; they owe us.  The whole world cannot immigrate to the US and that goes for all the Mexicans as well.

Why don't you people get off your pompous behind(s) and tell the Iraqi's to go fix their own country? I watched the news tonight, the Iraqi's were saying the violence was our fault, they don't want us there. Well than, lets get to hell out, and leave the 7000 to fix their own country. You think!!!

Did you see this? It pretty well sums it up about the Moslems. Their religion says to not like anybody else. "There are countless verses and traditions, in fact, that make it clear that Muslims are to be in a constant state of animosity toward non-Muslims," Got any idea who that would be?

I saw the pictures of the arab "immigrants" in London saying how they are going to take over and "infidels" are going to die. Is that what you want over here? Allready the Mexicans are literally saying California belongs to Mexico and they are going to take it over through (illegal) immigration, just when are you going to get in touch with reality? Is the plan to get the Iraqis to fight the Mexicans? Attach a pay raise to it if you have to, but get an immigration bill passed.

Thank You