October 22, 1999

The Internal Revenue Service

Re:  The third letter I have received from you regarding this matter.

This is my third response to letters from you with absolutely no acknowledgment of the previous letters.   I demand an acknowledgment of current and previous correspondences as it appears I am either being totally ignored or you are unable to locate them.  I explained in great detail, both acknowledging and correcting errors in my first letter to you.  I did in good faith an amended tax return correcting the errors. You completely ignored my previous letters but I have confirmation that you did receive them.  What you did with them is apparently the problem. So I demand either acknowledgment of receipt of the letters or denial that you did receive this or any of them at all.  We cannot conduct businesses if one party ignores the other as in the case of your ignoring my answers to you.  Apparently if I don’t answer the way you want me to you simply ignore the letter.  I am not a danger to leaving the area, I wish this matter be cleared up as soon as possible however;  simply using the strong arm of the IRS to attach any bank accounts is totally unnecessary and unlawful as we could settle this with a simple letter or two if you would read and acknowledge what I sent.   I will be here.  I will most definitely request a court hearing if it comes to that and I want to hear your explanation on how you can ignore honest law abiding answers and continue to threaten honest citizens.

As this incredible amount of delay appears to be due to IRS inefficiency I feel that any interest I may owe should end on the date the IRS received the first of my responses they chose to ignore and I should continue to receive interest on the $600 I sent in for my 85 taxes the IRS has yet to acknowledge receipt of.

I would certainly think you were in possession of the letters I sent you.  After all, if you cannot keep track of a simple letter then clearly you cannot say you have accurate records of anything.

Please read and sign the attached.  I must have some assurance that the person I am working with is a legal IRS employee authorized to do this sort of work and bring it to a conclusion.

Thank You


I __________________________________ am a authorized IRS agent sworn to protect the constitutional laws of the United States of America and am authorized by the IRS to bring this matter to a complete and speedy end.  I further swear that as an authorized agent of the IRS anything I say or request can be considered the will of the IRS and therefore cannot be countermanded or changed by another “authorized” agent.  Under penalties of perjury I swear the above is complete  and correct.

_________________________________________  date  ____________
IRS agent dealing with my (xxxxxxxx's) return

Address and phone number.