Laura Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

Iím writing you because I have written GW a number of times and of course he doesnít get it.  I doubt you get to see this letter either, I now how this works.  You seem like a nice intelligent person I just donít understand what you are doing with GW.

I have seen him on TV a few times lately and he is smug and seemingly contented.  Why?    What in the world does he think he has accomplished?  He got us into a war I think was ego driven, he has allowed big business to trample the individual, he has ruined the economy and he got Obama elected president?  What is with that?  Ob. isnít even a legal US citizen, and yet you (both) said nothing.  He didnít do a damn thing that was good, did he?  You have both coddled the Muslims who have sworn 123 times in the Koran to convert you (to Muslim) or kill you.  He has pardoned drug dealers while  allowing law enforcement officers to be illegally in prison (Ramos and Compean).  Figure that.  He has reduced US standing in the world to 3rd world status.


I know how GW got his start, he screwed the entire population of the city of Aberdeen out of millions of tax dollars then he lied on his own (and your) tax form.  And you both sit there high and mighty.  Laura, you seem like such a nice lady, what are you doing with such an ass?  He even refuses to learn how to pronounce nuclear, like it was some kind of badge or something.  It is, it is a badge of ignorance.


I post my letters on-line.  I also post the response.  If I get one at all,  That is OK, it is kind of a testament to GWís term in office.  I think he made #1, the absolute worst president we ever had.

No thanks