Letter to Conservative Caucus

You wasted money on a personal cause, (abortion) when country was in trouble


I was a supporter of you people quite some time back. I am still a conservative but I find it interesting that now you want money to save the country. I stopped supporting you people when you were on the “Right to Life” crusade or some such thing & I told you than you were off the subject and it was a personal thing & not a political issue. I wonder just how much money you wasted on this and now come to find out the whole country is going to shit and what is really interesting is abortion, right to life, everything along that line is meaningless without a country to support it. You spent who knows what percentage of you funds to fix up your cabin when all the time you should have been avoiding the iceberg.
You helped elect a Illegal muslim to the presidency. That’s the iceberg.
When the muslims gain control, they will kill you outright. You are a kuffar, an idiot, without intelligence and without allah, better off dead, they consider it doing you a favor. I shudder to think of what happens to the women & children.
Lets see how well your stand against abortion stacks up now.

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According to the captain, to many compartments have been breached. The pumps will keep it alive a little longer but the good ship America is going down. I'm glad I won't be around to see it.
You have a good day now..