Letter to Oregon Health Authority (OHA)

I asked to see their budget & I'm told I may have to pay to see it?


  • Attn: Jo Ann McDonald
  • 500 Summer Street, NE, E-20
  • Salem, OR 97301-1097

I would like to get a copy of your most recent budget. I am most interested in the anti-smoking section.

This should not be difficult as clearly you must operate on a budget. I would think it would be accessible on a WEB site or something as it is public money that is being spent. If this is the case please advise the link, if not, please reply by mail, as I want this a legal as possible with just what is required to get a copy of the budget, something that should be public information.

Anything else you can contact me @ ekrubmeg@yahoo.com and please I will consider all communication as legal documents. Yahoo keeps a copy of everything.

A timely response would be appreciated.