Let to Editor

Congress does it again.  Are they that stupid? Do they think we are that stupid or is it because Bush said not to do it so they thought it would be a good idea? Whatever the reason, it is stupid. Congress is desperate to look like they are doing something, anything, to help with the price of gasoline they will do anything,  but to stop filling the strategic reserve is shooting yourself in the foot.  Think of it this way.  Somebody else has a water tank and you are in the middle of a drought.  Everybody is buying water to drink, only you have an additional pin-hole and are filling a canteen on the side.  So there are 6 garden hoses running and congress wants you to think by not filling that canteen they will take some of the pressure off water usage?  What is worse, sometime in the future the tank is going to go dry and is the canteen going to be filled?  Congress doesn’t care, filling the canteen doesn’t get them elected.  When the tank goes dry they either won’t be in congress or they will blame the empty canteen on the other party.  Is there nobody out there that can see this.  Congress doing what it always does best, getting reelected (and getting their now automatic, raises).