We should be doing more

The country you lose might be your own


I'm sure everybody has heard my views on government, laws, politicians and the ideology of islam (it is NOT a religion). Not everybody agrees or they are far too busy with family or personal issues to be bothered. I understand. It is much simpler to think 'these' problems are my only problems and my my only concern. Not so unlike Germany in 1936. The country was climbing out of a really bad place and things were looking up for the citizenry. You might think because obozo is out, our problems are over. It is pleasant to think that way. I too would rather have my coffee in the morning and contemplate the weather and what I was going to do for the day rather than thinking about such seemingly insurmountable problems.

Let me tell you, Jan 1, a law goes into effect in Oregon that says they can take you guns away if 'they' "think" you might be a threat to yourself or anyone else. That is just Oregon and that is just one thing. You would think it wouldn't make it through the courts but recently they sentenced a guy to prison for 13 years for putting bacon on a mosque & calling it a 'hate crime' yet saying "death to infidels" is not.

We are losing out country. Worrying about how the kids or grand kids are doing and what to watch on television tonight is going to be replaced with what or if there will be something to eat, have a place out of the weather to sleep and how many times you will be raped, beaten or stabbed before the day is over. This is not a joke, you only have to look at what is happening elsewhere in the world to see it. I have no idea why the liberals don't, it is some kind of mind set. They called them 'brown shirts' in 1936 Germany, obozo even suggested the exact same thing for the US and they almost have it.

Our freedom of speech is our #1 freedom and without it all hope is lost. Hitler took control of the media and freedom of speech to gain power as did Stalin and those fools in North Korea. Did you know that in North Korea it is common knowledge that the US started the Korean war with an invasion of the north and that the North Korean army beat us back? Did you know that school history books in the US are now being written pro islamic and the parts where have killed and butchered tens of millions are being left out? This is a fact.

OK, back to the freedom of speech. Almost everybody writes better than I do so here is a link to some smarter people about the facts of life and our first amendment. Please visit the WEB site & you might want to 'friend' Deborah Weiss on FB. I'm not exactly excited about the Jewish people or their religion but they are not strapping bombs to themselves or driving trucks over as many people as they can. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

I could go on but I doubt half the people I send this to have read this far. Well, do what you will but I at least, am making an effort.


"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." George Orwell... "There is a higher concentration of liars and thieves in congress than almost any prison." gem burke www.dumbellnebula.com/