A letter to the governor concerning his pro "Gay" stance

Dear xxxxxxxxxx,
    As now being “gay” is ‘alright’ I want to know how to explain some things to our children.   We are having some trouble with definitions in our school and because you seem to be an authority on the subject thought perhaps you could help us out.  Maybe you would want to incorporate it into a state wide school curriculum.
    fellator - When you tell a child you should wash their hands after they use the bathroom and they answer ‘why, when the Governor said it is ok to suck another guys cock, play with their ass.’
    Felching - This is a verb I understand, something about sticking things up your partners rectum and that could be anything from light bulbs to rodents.  How do I explain that is “OK” there governor, wash your hands after using the bathroom because it is unclean but it is “OK” to run gerbils up your friends butt?
    pederast - Here is another one from the new “OK” dictionary but I’m having trouble with it too.  Isn’t someone who practices pederast, a pedophile?  Don’t we have laws against that?  I guess you are going to get them vacated now that it is “OK” ?
    vegitarian - is it really spelled like that?  I understand that is someone who doesn’t fellate or doesn’t ‘suck’ or ‘blow’.   Do I have that right Ted?  Are you a vegitarian?

Actually Ted there is a long list of words like this many of which I have never heard of, are in no dictionary and often cannot be found in the internet and if they are it is an obscure site.  So tell me Ted, are any of these words going to be on the school curriculum this year and are they going to start appearing in the spelling bee?  So I have been asked, if the word is OK than the action must be OK?   Let me know Ted, I’ll be anxious to find out just where you stand on this.
Find your governor, get this sorted out please.

Gay issue

-------------------------- Letter to Attorney General Re: Gays  -----------------------------------

March 17, 2004

Hardy Myers, Attorney General
Department of Justice
1162 Court Street NE
Salem, OR 97301-4096

Re: Gay Issue

I suspect I am but one of many to write to you on this issue however I do feel strongly I have more than an opinion on the subject, I have the definitive answer and tons of scientific facts from all sectors to back it up.  So much info in fact, I will point to scholars and scientists and their work on the subject.  I will list the source (on the internet) and a brief snippet of the information contained.  Going to these locations often points to other locations for additional info, no attempt will be made to list that here.

The Truth:

A person isn’t “Gay” by ‘choice’ just like a person is not a pedofile or a dwarf or a raving lunatic by choice.  It is not a choice, it is a physical/mental problem.  The evidence is here, I don’t know why I seem to be the only one that sees it.

My point is, if ‘you’ couldn’t ‘get it up’ don’t you think you would be inclined to 1: relieve sexual urges another way and 2: seek others with compatible problems?  Of course.

The Proof:
Reproductive disorders, hormonally related cancers, and infertility appear to be on the rise.

Health Perspect. 1994;102:380-383).
Adverse Female Reproductive Capacity or Developmental Effects and Male Reproductive Dysfunction
profound affect on reproduction in many species

Gay sheep that mate only with other rams have different brain structures from "straight" sheep             combinations of low level wastes (we are talking parts per billion) that combined; multiplied their toxicity effects on the body, Try searching the WEB for Hormone Disrupting Chemicals
chemical found in soybeans, led to abnormal reproductive organs and sexual dysfunction
exposure of infants to photo-estrogen ··· who consume soy formulas was 6-11 times higher than adults consuming soy foods
Male frogs exposed to even very low doses of a common weed killer can develop multiple sex organs -- sometimes both male and female

Do genes determine whether we are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or straight?
Position Paper by The Council for Responsible Genetics
enormous barriers to obtaining human evidence linking pollutants to health problems
male animals have been born with feminized reproductive organs

Science News Volume 155, Number 20 (May 15, 1999)
The ignored estrogen in soy

 Science News Week of May 26, 2001; Vol. 159, No. 21
several estrogen-mimicking compounds

Science News Vol 158 #10
New(?) Concerns about Phthalate  ··· Ingredients of common plastics, may harm boys as they develop.

Science News 8/5/00 p.94
For instance, male fish exposed to such hormonally active pollutants will make vitellogenin an egg-yoke protein that's normally fashioned only by females

Science News Week of Feb. 5, 2000; Vol. 157, No. 6 pg.87
DDT treatment turns male fish into mothers

 Science News December 6, 1997
Estrogen's Emerging Manly Alter Ego

Tragedy and Hype
The Third International Soy Symposium
 Mothers who ate a vegetarian diet during pregnancy had a fivefold greater risk of delivering a boy with hypospadias, a birth defect of the penis.70 The authors of the study suggested that the cause was greater exposure to phytoestrogens in soy foods popular with vegetarians
If you were born with no dick, don’t you think you would seek solace somewhere else?
Sixty per cent of food today contains soy.

Dr.  Arthur Janov, (noted Psychologists) author of the Primal Scream has proof (at least some) homosexuality is a mental disorder and that was 30 years ago.

Just the facts and this is just the tip of the iceberg.  It will take a brave official to come out against the 1% or 2% of Americans that are Gay or at least think they are.   (Not the 10% to 20% often quoted amount from a 1948 Kinsey study)

Additional info:

If you give me an e-mail address I can send you this (complete) document with the links and/or I can provide many pages of information I have pulled off the ‘net’ on the subject.  Your choice.  It is not my intent to pound you with e-mails or to release said e-mail address to anyone else.