A letter to Bush

You seem to be having trouble selling your story

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Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2007 19:09:30 -0800
From: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: President Bush <President@whitehouse.gov>

Bush is having a tuff time selling his story to the public and he honestly looks like he doesn't understand why.   Congress or politics or the white house (call it what you like) has been so corrupt, the squandering of millions or billions for the sake of “buying” votes and than he is surprised the public has turned against him.  ( I’m doing this in third person because I know there is no chance of him ever seeing it) All the whores in congress he paid off have turned against him.   So I wonder how it feels to be the worlds biggest pimp and had all his whores turned against him.

It is also obvious to all but the totally insane that Bush has sold out to big business and doesn’t give a shit about the citizens of the US.

I tried to support ‘him’ on his policy in Iraq but when you lose ALL credibility people tend to think there were ‘other’ reasons for going into Iraq.   Personally, I think he wanted to out-do his daddy.   3000 plus lives just so he can out-do his dad.   He will go down in history as a real stupid ass, I get the feeling that isn’t what he intended or was it he wanted to siphon off a few million for himself & his buddies.    It would be nice if the terrorists took him out as their first victim when they return to our soil but regrettable it won't be the case.

Tell Bush he can go back to drinking now, there is nothing to gain remaining sober now, I never believed your born-again crap anyway.  Your not getting reelected and I don’t think any Bush cronies is going to make it either.

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 President Bush.   While I do carry some doubts as to why we are in Iraq, a couple of ideas have come to mind that I thought would work so well in Iraq, but then I thought, "How silly of me, of course the military has already thought of this."  Then I hear from some of our soldiers in Iraq that we are really doing some stupid things over there for whatever reason, so I thought I would put this silly idea forward knowing full well it will fall into that bottomless pit called "Presidential mail, auto delete."

I read somewhere they were using a balloon and ground penetrating radar to find mines in Cambodia.   Damn smart idea.   Why are we not doing that in Iraq?   To big/easy a target?  I read another article about some people using the same radar in a small airplane to discover ancient roads.   Well duh!   Think it could find a mine?   A buried tank, munitions, supplies?   Then I thought I read where they used the same ground penetrating radar from a plane very high in the sky or a satellite maybe, and they found an ancient underground river bed buried under the sand.   Well double duh?   Think maybe it could find a jet Saddam has buried somewhere, 20,000 L. of Saran gas or something like that? 

Well maybe you are but I/we are sure not hearing about it.   All I hear is you are paying some of your people $400,000.00 tax free dollars a year to teach Iraqi police.   Something is wrong with that.   Your paying someone $400,000 to teach someone who doesn't have a fraction of the equipment he/they need to do their job and I know it could be done for less?  You’re paying an engineering company millions of dollars to run a TV station?   There is something really wrong with that.  How about buying gas for $2.60 cents a gallon in Kuwait.   You must think everybody in the U.S. is an idiot.    You can't tell me Haliburton isn't cutting some sort of deal there, I know there is some shit going on there.

See my point?    Probably not.    It is a really bad situation over there, I don't need to tell you that.   I wish I knew what was going on.   I have only slightly more faith in our news outlets than I did in the 'old' Pravda Daily.

To put it in the simplest terms, "I would like you to prove we are in Iraq for the good of the Iraqi people and indirectly, the U.S. people and not for some personal gain, e.g. to get reelected, to get rich,  to advance the Republican party.    I wish I knew.