Let to Republicans

in response to a survey and a request for a donation


Let's recap here: Aren't you the same people that ran John McCain against the LIM (Lying Illegal Muslim) in the previous election absolutely assuring the LIM's reelection? Someone who is anti american? Wants everyone to house 6 terrorists (Muslims)? Had to be pardoned for his crimes in Viet Nam?

Aren't you the same people that put john boner in as speaker of the house? One of the most self serving scum sucking politicians of all time!!!

Aren't you the same people that only reluctantly backed Trump? You found out that americans are getting sick and tired of all the self-serving, muslim loving, pieces of lying shit you put up for the position?

Aren't you the same people that are scared shitless that the LIM was going to blow the whistle on you, hence you allowed an illegal muslim in the presidency? You would rather an illegal muslim with extreme liberal agenda run the country rather than face exposure of your own corrupt activities?

And you want me to fill out some stupid survey that is a cover for asking for more money? Send money to corrupt, self serving, treasonous politicians?

Go XXXX yourself you scum bag pieces of shit!!!!!!!!

I hope when the Muslims start raping and murdering, they start at your house.