obama incites violence

Letter to Smithsonian

Regarding their attempt to make obama look good

To: Smithsonian Magazine,
Editor in chief: Michael Carso
MRC 513, Washington D.C., 20013-7012

Re: Jan/Feb 2017 issue, "The Judgment" painting by Kndir Nelson, article by Kati Nodjimbadem. Al Sharpton (the most racist man alive) has visited the White House over 50 times since the LIM arrived. (On the white house guest record) This country has never been so racially divided and this is absolutely obama's fault.

I saw Bernie Sanders the other day on PBS talking about how wonderful it was to have (had) this muslim for a president, he thought it was great for diversity. So, you have to quit lying about that one, he is a muslim. In Islam, there is no first amendment as made clear by the LIM's (Lying Illegal Muslim) efforts to muzzle conservatives and efforts to prove his illegality. Stonings, female circumcision (the AMA even petitioned our government to perform these here), convert or die, no art, no music, no dance, no pictures; unless of course, it glorifies their deity. Women can show no hair or skin (a relative recent change), incest not only sanctioned but preferred, beating of wives is OK, rape is the fault of the woman, 71 battles in which 70 he was the aggressor, that's mohammad. It also says convert or die 126 times. There are 123 verses that talk about killing and fighting. This is the Koran, if you can get an un-sanitized version.

'Illegal' I said. Do you believe the congressional record is a right wing conspiracy, or just what goes on in congress? In the 2 years before he was elected, democrats tried 8 times to change the law that makes him illegal. Check the record. Most of the 8 times are still there to be seen despite efforts to remove all evidence. Birth certificate. Did you download it and look at it or did you just swallow the line? A 12 year old could tell you it has been tampered with. It doesn't say much about the liberal mentality now, does it? SS# that belongs to the wrong state held by another person.

Lying, well, of course he lied about being a citizen, SS#, obamacare and about a thousand other things that are far too numerous to mention here, I do have many them listed however, along with in depth discussion of all the points I make here unless of course, you abhor facts. www.dumbellnebula.com

You would rather shut up and let this liberal go because he says what you want to hear? You know who else did that? Hitler, Stalin and Castro. People wonder how people could be so duped by hitler, well we found out, just look around.

This is the guy that won't call a grieving widow of a KIA in Afghanistan but will send white house staff to a thugs funeral. Makes inflammatory statements about the police. Yes that piece of shit is responsible for the surge in deaths of our policeman through his statements.

He has a least 8 Muslims on his staff, some with known ties to terrorism and CAIR which is really just a front for terrorism. He turned NASA into muslim education center. That too is on my WEB site, mine and many others. It would require reading something not found on moveon.org however.

I'm done with your cheap shit magazine. Anyone that can be so stupid as to not see what is going on surly doesn't deserve any support from me. Don't tell me it was non political, it was very political. I agree, his picture should be everywhere, on the inside of every toilet and the back side of every urinal.

Islam is a supremacist political ideology.

"I have been made victorious with terror."

- Muhammad (according to Bukhari: 4.52.220)

"There does not exist an identifiable body of Muslims, substantive in number or an outright majority, who could be described as "moderate" by their repudiation of Muslim extremists. Violence has been an integral part of Muslim history, irrespective of whether it is sanctioned by Islam, and Muslims who unhesitatingly use violence to advance their political ambitions have created a climate within their faith culture that any Muslim who questions such practice is then deemed apostate and subject to harm. Consequently, what might pass for "moderate" Muslims, the large number of Muslims unaccounted for as to what they think, in practical terms constitute a forest within which extremists are incubated, nurtured, given ideological and material support, and to which they return for sanctuary." - Salim Mansur

"Muslims who share the same goals as Osama bin Laden but are pursuing them through non-violent means are celebrated by gullible Westerners as moderates." - Robert Spencer

There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam." - Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini

"We are not fighting so that you will offer us something. We are fighting to eliminate you." -- Hussein Massawi, a former Hezbollah leader.

Just a few weeks ago I read in the news that in Iran a 9-year-old girl filed for divorce from her 15-year-old husband just after 20 days of marriage because he would constantly beat her. When the young man was questioned he said: "She neglects her housework and plays with her dolls all the time."

Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia said, 'WE'LL CONTINUE OUR WAR UNTIL WE RULE THE WHOLE COUNTRY BY ISLAMIC LAW."



One Muslim extremist of the Islamic Liberation party reminded his interlocutors just before the scheduled opening of the party's international rally in London in August, 1994, that "there are 123 verses in the Quran about killing and fighting." And he added, quite unnecessarily, "Ours is not a passive religion." (Fregosi, P., 1998, p.18, Jihad).

"Some ye slew and ye made captive some. And he caused you to inherit their land and their houses and their wealth and land ye have not trodden." Koran 33:26-27

"I shall terrorize the infidels, so wound their bodies and incapacitate them because they oppose Allah and his Apostle" (Koran 8:12)

Here are two of the 123 verses referred to above. The Muslim Students Association (MSA) of the University of Southern California put the Quran on-line from which these verses are taken. [Note: the numbering of these varies slightly between translations.

"O ye who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who are near to you, and let them find harshness in you, and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty (unto Him)" (Sura al-Tawba 9:123).

"Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued" (Sura al-Tawba 9:29).

Allah's Apostle said, "I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: 'None has the right to be worshiped but Allah...'"(Sahih Bukhari, 1:8:387).

After ten years of fighting, Mohammad died in 632 A.D. The pattern had been established, "Invitation first (that is, call them first to embrace Islam). If they refuse, then war."

(Extremists like Bin Laden quote many verses from the Quran and Islamic traditions in their speeches.) Two of the verses moderate Muslims often quote are Sura 5:32 and Sura 5:82. (A Sura is the equivalent of a chapter in the Quran.) Sura 5:32 says: '…if any one slew a person…it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people….' Hence the killing of the innocent is wrong. Certain extremists, however, are very quick to point out that non-Muslims are not innocent and some refer to the verse which immediately follows Sura 5:32 (5:33). Sura 5:83 also seems to change the meaning of Sura 5:82.

It is written down hundreds of places, they have posted it on you tube and they preach in the United States that they will kill the un-believers and turn the world into an islamic shit hole. Even if it were they fight each other. Nobody has killed more muslims than other Muslims.* What does it take before you fubar people understand? Are you going to stand by while your children are raped and put to the sword as these 'peaceful people' did to the prisoners in Medina? It is not a few radicals that do this, it is ISLAM that demands it.

"Human blood is the life-line of Islam, violence its hallmark, and hate its foundation. In the beginning, Islam lives on the blood of infidels. When that is unavailable, or becomes difficult, Islam must *cannibalize itself." - Abul Kasem

So what does that make obama? Gay, yet Muslims? An outcast even as a muslim. kill gays. An outcast even as a muslim.