Letter to Jim DeMint


April 12, 2017
Jim DeMint
c/o The Heritage Foundation
P.O. Box 97057

Hi. I looked up your record on-line, I guess you are a good-guy, to some extent at least. Like a good Nazi or terrorist I suppose, you are, after all, a politician.
So, as you are not in politics anymore I wonder if I could get something rarer than purple diamonds from a politician, the truth.
Im guessing you were around when obama got elected. It seems pretty clear to me that he is an illegal muslim, I have a WEB site with lots and lots of documentation and links to lots and lots of other sites that do the same and you did nothing about it, NOTHING. So what gives? Why are all the politicians mute? Scared? Threatened? Bribed? One illegal thing one after another and all the politician wants is to do is get re-elected.
So, as head of the Heritage Foundation and I see your name on all these things and yet you and the rest of congress never say a word. So, you want me to send money to the Heritage Foundation to save our nation? You with obama come on your lips?
Call me, e-mail me or write me, I would like to know what is going on. I'm not going to use it against you, nobody would believe me anyway and corruption is how congress works so I would just like to know. Ill keep your name out of anything I might get from you in the future.
Is there a place I can actually find what the government spends money on? That should be the law but congress is so corrupt, corrupt, corrupt that it is impossible.
Come clean, just this once, please.

Yeah, I know, DeMint will probably never see this, so you tell me why I should send you money when the head of your organization hasnt got the nads to stand up to blatant corruption?
www.dumbellnebula.com/elitepoliticians.htm or - - - /545verses.htm - - - /obamaprime.htm - - - /tenmostwantedcorruptpoliticians.htm - - - /majoritydoesntmatter.htm - - - /eightattempts.htm - - - /aaronrussofilm.htm - - - /politics.htm

Gem Burke