Measure 50 failed in Oregon because the Legislature FAILED

Measure "50" in Oregon was an increase in the tobacco tax.  It could have funded medical help for Children. It was given to the public because the legislature was unable to enough to pass it.

Measure 50 failed because the people of Oregon didn't want to change the constitution, it isn't supposed to work that way, the legislature is supposed to take care of legislation like this. The CDC says smoking costs the US 98 Billion dollars a year in lost productivity alone, medical expenses some studies show smoking-related health-care costs, which was reported at $75.5 billion in 1998, exceeds $167 billion per year in the United States. Now I don't know what portion of that lost revenue Oregon has but I do know this. What ever it is, proposition 50 would only cover a fraction. If the legislature had any nads they would go with a much higher tax, but you won't and I know why. 3 things. (1) Money, revenue. you people are as addicted to the revenue from tobacco as the smoker is addicted to the nicotine. 13 people die a day in Oregon due to tobacco according to the pro advertisement, but you are concerned about how much money there is to spend in your district, to get re-elected. (2) I don't doubt some of the legislatures are getting some money from the tobacco industry. We know what to call that. (3) Some of you are addicts, nicotine addicts and you don't want to pay more for your "fix". I used to live in a Miz Morgans district and I corresponded with her regarding the 2002 proposition and she lied repeatedly. Lied! She is or at least was, an addict. So, people can die, children can become addicted but you (the legislature as a whole, I don't know what you did personally, even if there is a place to look it up you probably couldn't believe it) are unable to get enough people behind a bill to help fund children’s health at the expense, no; actually to put it correctly, at a little less subsidy to the addicts of Oregon. That is pathetic. If you are not 'one' than you know who I am talking about but obviously you didn't work hard enough. I'll bet a pay raise flies through the process. I look forward to your response. I will post it in full and un-edited when I post this on my blog, my web site and on the Oregon news groups. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond.
XXXXXXXXX your constituent.

Pre 9-3-10