Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle Helmets

I have just learned the NTSB; having little else to do, has resurrected an old fight and wants to make it nationwide mandatary that people riding motorcycles wear helmets.  State laws were passed years ago in a flurry of self imposed righteousness and the people have spoke and had the law revoked in 27 of those states.   Please tell the NTSB where to get off.  I think they clearly do not have enough to do hence I would recommend reducing their budget by at least %50. 

The arguments for and against the wearing helmets hasen't changed but I think the true reason behind the new push is one of three things.  First, as I said before, the NTSB simply does not have enough to keep itself busy or 2: it has lost its direction, perhaps some new management would help or 3: we (the NTSB) is getting a little self righteous and feels itself on a pulpit and needs to save all us sinners from ourselves.  Well; if your going to be a preacher get out of the NTSB.    The US is a country of individual rights and if I don't want to wear a helmet and ride a motorcycle I will.  It does not effect a single other person in any way shape or form so you have no right.  Most deaths on motorcycles are due to people breaking the law, speeding, running stop signs, lights etc. one only has to look at the statistics.  Apparently making laws there didn't help either.

Thank you for your consideration.


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National Transportation Safety Board
Office of Safety Recommendations and Advocacy
490 LíEnfant Plaza, SW
Washington , DC 20594

Re: Recent Advisory on Helmet Laws,

I think the NTSB doesnít have enough to do if they have time to go back and resurrect ideas that the population in general has obviously voted against.  If 47 states once had this law and now it is down to 20 it seems pretty clear to me that the majority of people have told the government it is none of their damn business if I ware a helmet or not.  The wearing or not wearing of a helmet is a personal matter and none of your business.  Skydiving is certainly more hazardous than riding a motorcycle, why are they not required to be wrapped in 20 feet of bubble wrap, just in case or scuba diving or mountain climbing.  It is the number of people you say, not the percentage.  Well smoking kills 400,000 people a year a year, is that number big enough for you?  If your into personal safety of others maybe we should go around to your home and arrest you for infractions there.  Do you smoke in your house, now there is something that actually harms others, I could care less if you got cancer except Iíll have to pay your medical bill.  Do you have a loose rug, cover plate missing on a switch or outlet, a little mold in the corner, dust mites?  Iím sure we could find something than we could lock you up in prison for your own good.  A lot of this comes from religion.   Is that what you want to do, force your religion on me?  I wouldnít doubt that, Bush has already tried that.
Iím writing my congressmen and suggesting they could cut the NTSB budget by at least %50 as it is obvious to me you people clearly do not have enough to do.

I hope your next car is a lemon.