Road Tax

Lettter to legislator Re: The State and its insane "Road Tax" plan

February 14, 2005

Representative xxxxxxxx
900 Court St. NE; Rm. H-485
Salem, OR 97301

My name is XXX XXXXX and I recently moved to your district.  Today on the news I heard the state government is in a panic because they think they might be losing a dime of road tax due to fuel efficient cars.  The solution to that is to change the tax from gasoline to a milage tax.   Isn’t that kinda like re-engineering the bullet to cut down on gun-shot wounds?   For crying-out-loud!  I don’t suppose whoever thought that one up considered any other factor in this brilliant idea.   Does fact that government and private enterprise has spent billions of dollars to make fuel efficient cars and government has pushed their use in the interest of cutting down on oil imports mean anything to you?    Somebody missed that one, huh?   Every car in the state would have to be equipped with a gizmo to tattle on how far a person has driven.   Do you really think the electorate would put up with that?   Not for a minute.   I suspect the real reason for this idiotic idea is - - -   trust me, you don’t want to know.    It isn’t going to happen, trust me.   Tell em that ‘on the floor.’

Thank You