Safe Harbor Immigration

I think his intentions are cleare here.  He speaks mostly about oppressed and persecute people when this is about mass illegal immigration.  I would say he is clearly in favor of illegal immigration. It must be nice
A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man. Which debt he proposes to pay off with your money. -G Gordon Liddy
I wish I had the letter or e-mail I sent him.


March 28, 2007

Dear Friend   (Form letter)

Thank you for contacting me about protecting and assisting refugees who seek safe harbor in the United States.   I share your concern for those who are persecuted for their political or religious beliefs, or for their racial or national identity.

As a world leader, the U.S. consistently has promoted the values of democracy, human rights, and religious freedom–values that are cornerstones of a free society.  This has hastened a democratic revolution that has reshaped the global political environment and helped create a freer, more stable, and prosperous international community.  Nevertheless, I believe that much work remains ro be done in the fight for universal human rights.

Throughout our history, the United States has welcomed the largest number of asylum seekers of any country.  Additionally, our government administers several refugee aid programs which, over the last two years, have received over $1.6 billion in aid.  Please know that I have noted your comments and I will keep them in mind as refugee issues come before the Senate.

It is my hope that the U.S. can continue to welcome those seeking sanctuary from persecution and violent conflict abroad, despite the growing numbers of those in need of assistance.  As your senator, I will continue my efforts to encourage U.S. leadership on this critical matter.  Thank you again for writing.

Gordon H Smith