SB 868

Letter to State Senator Alan DeBoer


7-20 It is my understanding of this bill says it pretty much takes away the second amendment for someone on a individual basis. It must be stopped. Thanks

No answer although I hardly expected ope

7-24 SB 868 to get around the second amendment?? Are you planning on being in Medford for a meeting tomorrow?

On 7/24/2017 5:12 PM, Sen DeBoer wrote:

> Yes, a town hall meeting is scheduled for 6 to 730 p.m. at the multipurpose room of the RCC-SOU Higher Education Center in Medford. Another is scheduled for the same time the following evening at Talent Town Hall.
> Sincerely,
> W. Scott Jorgensen
> Chief of Staff
> Sen. Alan DeBoer
> Senate District 3

SB 719A I checked your WEB site, I didn't see anything on this. I put the bill # in the "search bills" section and it comes back "duh". I have written you specifically about this bill and got no response, none, nada, zip. I'm not going to let it go. First thing is I have to confirm it is actually a bill, it says what I've been told (see below).
So, my question is, did this bill really happen? If so, why can't I look it up?
That would be a good start.
Thank You

Look at me, I forgot the "below" stuff. Her it is........
According to Guns, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed a new bill on Wednesday that shows the first signs of what “Democrat gun control” looks like. The law, SB 719A, allows law enforcement or anyone close to a person to file a gun-stripping petition if they believe the person poses a risk to themselves or others. The petition can be filed against any law-abiding US citizen. In other words, it completely disregards an American’s right to own a gun, or to a fair trial.
The bill passed with a 17-11 vote in state Senate, and a 31-28 vote in the state House. Only one Republican signed off on this bill. If the Democrats were ever looking for a loophole to take guns, this is it.
Despite the argument that they want to help reduce the gun-related suicides in the state, it doesn’t change the fact that the judicial processes are stripped away completely.
If the person in question has an order placed against them, they are not allowed to buy or possess guns or ammunition for one year, regardless of the circumstance. It also gives law enforcement additional powers, such as seizing guns that were not surrendered upon request.
The law even carries over to stored guns. If a person’s guns are held by a gun dealer, someone can file a request against that person. If the request is approved, the guns can be retrieved without their owner’s permission because they are deemed a danger.

To be fair, I didn't make it to the meeting. I swung by but it appeared to be crowded & I know how they go. I sincerely believe they have a 'plant' or two in the audiance that monopolizes the conversation on pointless matters, at least it seems so to me..