Nicotine Addiction

A letter to the Mayor of Medford

December 15, 2006

Mayor xxxxxxx

Re: Nicotine Addiction

I would like to propose a few changes to how we do business in the city of Medford.  I’m sure you have noticed the blue haze as you enter many of the establishment within the city.  Restaurant, malls, many business now that they have banned smoking (*and I’ll get to this later) and rightly so in their establishments the addicts line up outside the door to get their ‘hit’ of nicotine.  I’m sure you have even noticed the addicts get out of their car in the parking lot, light up their drug of choice and puff away to the door where they put out or sometimes don’t put out their cigarette at the door. 

I shouldn’t need to repeat the hazards of secondhand smoke yet subjecting people to daily doses of it for some reason seems entirely acceptable.  Why is that?

I would like to suggest that cigarette smoke be declared a PUBLIC NUISANCE.  Smoking should be banned anywhere it comes into contact with the public including outdoor public gatherings, parks and even the sidewalks.   For ***** sake, these people are addicts and are sucking down possibly the most addictive drug in the world.  WHY is it necessary for me to share?

*Which brings me to my other point.  I sincerely believe that it should no longer be referred to as “SMOKING” in any city communication but should be called what it is, nicotine addiction.

I must request any communication with me you identify yourself as a  “nicotine addict” or an ex-“nicotine addict” should either one apply.

The city of Belmont and Calabasas, CA have enacted similar legislation.

Contact for free assistance should any be required writing such a law.

Thank you for your time.