Stem Cell Research

June 5, 2005

President George Bush
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

Re: Stem Cell Research (hereafter SCR)

President Bush is against SCR for moral reasons, your killing a child in his eyes.   The idea of that is repulsive to all Americans so clearly the problem lies with your definition of what constitutes life.   To say that the possibility of life or rather a human(and that is what it is) is a life, is unrealistic.  There is the possibility of life everywhere around us but it either does or doesn’t happen, it is not up to us.  You claim to be a (born again) religious man but you are interpreting the bible and pushing your beliefs on the entire United States and that isn’t right.   In the bible it says to go fourth and multiply.  Boy did we.  The bible also says the Lord helps those that help themselves.   Every possibility of life was never expected to live.   Look at nature.   Some things produce millions of offspring or eggs just so the chances of a few might survive.   It was never meant that every possibility of life was supposed to live.   Have you ever looked at a cell under a microscope?   I’m sure you have.   How about an amoeba or a protozoa?   They are all life but if it is on the microscope slide, it is going to die.   Life is that way, so much protoplasm some of which grows symbiotically with others to form higher forms of life.   We are a higher form of life that started from a cell that consisted of protoplasm and a nucleus yet we don’t get all weepy when a cell dies.

SCR is going to go on whether you feel it justifiable or not.   The U.S. will benefit from SCR by either buying it from countries that have done the research or by doing it ourselves.  Getting all sanctimonious about the loss of some protoplasm is overdoing a bit.   I realize that being a politician if things get rough you simply vote yourselves more money but the rest of the United States has to work for a living and handicapping the rest of us because of an archaic religious belief is something that will be on your record forever.   When people think of Clinton they think of his blow job with Monica and one of the things they will think of Bush will be how he crippled a nation by not allowing SCR.   In the long run, it will overshadow even the Iraq war.

Thank You


RE: Stem Cell Research, 7-25-06
My dear angelic president.

I know this is probably a done deal but I’m going to write you anyway.  I also realize the possibility of you actually reading this is nil hence I really don’t need to worry about any protocols, do I.  It is usually done out of respect anyway and I have so little for you.

Now it is common knowledge that after years of what must have been carousing and drinking you have “seen the light” and become a “Born again Christian.”  Now whether that is a fact or not I don’t know.  I do know it is just a lot easier to be elected president as a Christian than as a drunk.

I understand you want to VETO a new stem cell research bill, possibly even today.   This will be your first Veto of your presidency.   Hundreds of millions or perhaps billions of dollars in pork barrel spending has crossed your desk and you have done nothing.   Countless thousands of people could have been saved, tens of thousands more lives could have been better had that money been properly spent rather than simply to get one of your cronies re-elected or your favorite contractor to benefit with a big contract.   Tens of thousands of lives, and your making a big show over the possibility, no, actually, these fetuses were gong to be destroyed anyway so your making a fuss over some doomed protoplasms.   And, AND this doomed genetic material has the potential of saving thousands of lives, and making the lives of so many others so much better and you have the self righteous indignity to veto this bill just because you feel remorse for a drunken period of your life.   Well mr president, and I only say that because you are, not because it deserves any respect, I’m here to tell you and who ever it is that pulls your strings, I think this act by far, is the most selfish, hypocritical thing you have ever done.   What makes this deplorable act even more heinous is the fact you are stopping nothing.  Your actions mean absolutely nothing.  Other countries are going balls to the walls to develop this technology and we can’t because our president is a reformed drunk!  What is the matter, nobody you know that is giving you (or the Republicans) tons of money for supporting genetic research?  I suspect that has more to do with it than anything else.

One day the US will be buying this technology from others so the only thing you accomplished is taking the technology away from the US.  Ah yes, Iran will do so much better ethically with this research. sic

Do the words “Budget Deficit” mean anything to you?   Hell no, your retirement is covered..

Well, I do wish terrible things happen to you, it would be especially appropriate if it were something that had we had genetic research we could have fixed it.

I didn’t vote for Kerry because the Dems got him out from under a rock at the bottom of a 100 year old cess pool but I’m beginning the rock you were under was a little more than damp.