Armenian Resolution

Here is a letter on the Armenian Resolution that Pelosi was trying to push through.   I do have an answer on this one I will post here.

House of Representatives,
1404 Longworth House Office Bldg.
Washington, DC 205150001

Congressmen: Re: The Armenian Resolution

It is nice to see that with so much time on their hands the ‘House’ has time to piss off one of our few remaining allies.  Just how far back in history do we go to condemn all wrongs.  It seems we are doing a lot of wrongs right now and congress has to dig up a 100 year old dispute in another country?  How about the war of 1812?  Oh no, that has to do with us.  Instead, Congress wants to condemn something that happened 100 years ago in a different country.    Why is it congress has every bodies interest at heart except the US?    Why does Israel get 20 to 30 (B) billion ($) every year?  For What?  Why do we ‘OWE’ Israel?

I’m going to enclose some information (not that you will look at any of it) that I have plans to put in my blog, my web site and it will appear in 20 or 30 others and I will personally post it in twice that many news groups repeatedly and send it to every media outlet I can find unless you can give me one reason why I shouldn’t, tell me one little part of it that isn’t true...

You got a week.


I actually got a personal, non-form letter back on this one. I should have it framed.  It was as follows:

Dear 'me'

Thanks for your letter regarding the Armenian genocide issue. I happen to agree with you on this matter. I am Not a cosponser of the resolution you referenced and I opposed bring it up for a vote.

I thought Speaker Nancy Pelosi's pressure to move this measure was both naive and destructive to our international relationshoip with Turkey, a NATO ally.  And don't blame President Bush for this one.  He and Secretary Rice, along with past Secretaries of State and Defense Secretqaries, pleaded with Speaker Pelosi not to move the measure.   But her stubbornness during this period did America a great disservice.

You and I agree on this matter compleatly.

and a personal signature.  and you think they never read your mail.