Letter to FOX regarding them exposing secrets.

May 9, 2007

I would like to complement NBC I believe it was I was watching for their through news coverage of just how we managed to discover and break the terrorists plot to attack of Fort Dix.   I’m sure future terrorists were watching and will be sure not to make the same mistake.   I don’t mean to single out NBC because I’m sure any of the networks would have worked overtime to tell the country and the terrorists exactly what they did wrong to get caught.  Remember how the media told how the London bombers were tracked across Europe by following their cell phones?   You can bet next time they will have untraceable phones.  Remember when the media informed Bin Laden we were listening into his satellite telephone conversations.  It is true, some won’t  admit it now but it can be looked up on the internet. 

The media should be held accountable.   They claim their right to publish such information but if it were a well paying client or their political favorite, you will never hear it from them.