***Political Letters***


2-6-18 Letter(s) to President Trump, also faxed. Oops, the fax failed.


12-30-17 A letter to friends and family, hopefully they are still friends after.

12-08-17 A letter to Legislator Sal Esquivl regarding credit card charges.

November 21, 2017, a letter to President Trump.

9-25 Graham-Cassidy amendment to the American Health Care Act

8-20 Multiple letteers to Senator Alan DeBoer re 'guns' & ?

7-30 Request for copy of the budget, Oregon Health Authority (OHA)

06-17 Letter to the Conservative Cacaus.

5-21-16 Letter to Trump

Letter to VP Mike Pence.

It was on their WEB site and I forgot to copy, so just briefly I reminded him how he recently said Indonesia was such a wonderful example of Islam and they have just imprisoned their non-muslim governor for blasphmey against Islam.
There was a lot more to the letter to the limit I was allowed including a bunch of links to my anti-islam files.

Letter to Ted Cruz (Senator) for the "Club for Growth" fund.
Letter to the Republicans in response to a 'survey'.
Letter to ex-congressmen Jim DeMint.


12.31.2016 Answer to a letter regarding a picture of obama in Smithsonian Magazine.
12.22.2016 Letter to Donald Trump President Elect to the US.
Letter to Rep. Gene Whisnant of Oregon Re: convention of States.
Letter to Paul Ryan regarding Islam.


Pop Vox changed their method of holding mail so I put a brief set of my answers in my own file.


My letters to date (this year)  via Pop Vox to congress.


Letter writing has turned to on-line faxes and e-mail direct from the politicians WEB site making it much more difficult to keep a log, a list of what was sent.
09-30-13  Letters concerning current federal funding fiscal crisis sent to 1 senator & 1 rep..
10-4  Example, today I posted 6 letters to congress on "PoP-Vox" concerning 6 different pieces of legislation currently in congress.
H.R. 3223: The Federal Employee Retroactive Pay Fairness Act.
 H.R. 3160: The Government Shutdown Fairness Act.
H.R. 3224: The No Government No Pay Act.
 H.R. 3215: The Shutdown Member of Congress Pay Act.
S. 1490: Delaying the implementation of Obamacare..
& Using the government shutdown as a way to reform Obamacare.


09-22-10 A letter to media Re: Israeli anniversary. 09-01-10  Letter to all congressmen about their inability to get anything done.
07-24-10 A collection of faxes I have sent congressmen etc on various subjects, mostly during the last 6 months.
07-14-10  Say nothing mealy mouth response from Merkley regarding lame duck congress.
03-27-10 Letter to all nine Supreme court justices.
It is a waste of time writing at least the local congressmen. I get generic answers back that could be an answer to anything from questions about the war in Iraq to abortion. Merkly epically is such a liar and a fraud.


09-25-09 Merkley on Health Care.
09-21-09 An answer from Merkly regarding Immigration.
06-09 A letter to Sal legislator regarding gays.
05-26-09 Angry letter to Barry, AKA Obama [not mine).
05-26-09 Letter to Governer and e-mail to congressmen re: Illegal immigration.
05-22-09 Letter and answer to Gov. Sarah Palin regarding Obama situation. (Birth Certificate)
04-29-09 State tuition for illegals 2009.
04-04-09 KDRV-TV sympathizing with smokers & the new tobacco tax.
03-02-09 The legislature can't stand for the existing (working) bottle bill to stand.
02-08-09 A letter to the local media regarding their ignoring the reason for the conversion to digital TV.
02-05-09 A letter to 'my' legislators concerning a new smoking law I consider piecemeal.
02-02-09 A letter to senators (reps e-mail not working) concerning CAIR wanting to meet with members of congress when the FBI has finally realized they (CAIR) are supporting terrorists.
01-09 A letter to McCain trying to get the straight skinny on Obama.


8-29-08 A letter to the Governor and legislators regarding legislation to make cigarette a public nuisance.
8-26-08 A letter to Laura Bush
10-12-08 I sent this letter To all 3 of 'congressmen. I suspect the e-mails simply generate an automated response depending on the subject you pick.
8-29-08*** You send this letter Concerning the dangers of Muslem immigration, they are literally taking over countries and forcing Islam on its residents. 
8-26-08 A email to some media regarding homosexuals.
8-21-08 A Let/blog (?) regarding what I call the The Gay conspiracy.
8-16-08 A letter Concerning our paying Kadaffi (Lybia) for bombing them in retaliation for the Pan AM Lockerbee bombing
5-13-08 A Let to the Editor regarding the National petroleum reserve.
5-22-2008 Letter to Bush regarding his presidency.
A 'not all that friendly' letter to president Bush
A 'not all that friendly' letter to Bush & congress about the Bush's failed immigration policy.
I'm not sure who this letter went to, maybe it just got "published", I'm not sure.
A letter to the paper regarding auto emissions.
A blog, thoughts on the war etc.
A letter to my legislator about medical restrictions.
A blog of Bush Pardons not so unlike the list of corrupt people Clinton pardoned.
I did send this to my congressmen, just a general "you are an ass-hole" type of letter.

08-08 E-mail to John McCain Presidential Candidate for president. The straight talk express isn't any straighter than any other crooked politician.
06-08 Another E-mail to John McCain Presidential Candidate for president.  I'm trying to get an answer on the USS Liberty attack by our 'ally,' Israel.
10-08 E-mail to my senators regarding the Muslim immigration into the US.
11-08 I don't know who I sent this too but it about our arrogant congress trying to spend our savings.
12-08 A letter to AIG.
Sorry about the dates or the lack there-of, There should be dates. I've tried to get as many as I could in there. I can't always tell who they went to either. I might write a basic letter and save it than retrieve it and add the address of the congressmen print it individually.


12-07 Another letter from sometime back, I'm not sure who this went to.
12-07 A letter regarding the FDA and their biased regulation.
12-09 A letter to the Congressmen in general telling them what I think they are a joke.
11-07 A letter concerning something in a H.R.3162 Medicare bill, it is a form answer and doesn't address my concerns at all.
11-07 A letter concerning a failed tobacco tax initiative in the state.
11-07 A letter on "MSG."
11-07 This was a letter and an answer regarding Pelosi's insane bill condemning Turkey on something that happened 100 years ago.
10-18 A letter to < href="johnmccainLtr10_18_07.htm">John McCain. 10-07 A response on immigration, the "dream" Act.
09-07 A response "WYDEN" to a E-Mail to congressmen on the CIRA Immigration Bill.
09-07 A response concerning motorcycle helmets.
09-07 A letter on immigration, the "dream" Act.
08-07 Two letters to my congressmen regarding homosexuals.
08-07 A letter concerning motorcycle helmets.
08-07 A letter to our congressmen and their cutting Medicare benefits.
08-07 A FAX to the Governor regarding Gay(s) [homosexuality]
05-07 A response to a E-Mail to congressmen on the CIRA Immigration Bill.
04-20-07 A letter to our legislator and a suggestion about some of the poisons we are being fed.
03-07 Our media is broadcasting our intentions to the enemy.
03-07 A letter on immigration, the "Safe Harbor" Act.
03-07 Yet another immigration bill in congress.
03-07 A letter concerning Iraqi Immigration into the US one of two.
03-07 A response to a letter to congressmen on the CIRA Immigration Bill.
01-07 A response to a letter on the Spector Immigration bill.
01-07 Several critical letters to G. W. Bush on his bullshit.
01-07 A letter to our president knowing he won't actually read it.


12-06 A FAX to congress on the "GAY" issue.
12-06 I was trying to get tobacco smoke declared a public nuisance but nobody was listening.
11-06 A letter to congressmen expressing disgust at their action in-action.
05-06 A response letter from Ron Wyden regarding the Specter immigration bill.
06-05 I was trying to get my thoughts across on the Stem Cell debate.
07-06 A letter to Ron Wyden our senator about illegal's smuggling weapons.
12-06 This is a response regarding a letter on ETHICS in government.
05-06 A Letter to my congressmen regarding Immigration, the Immigration Reform Act.
06-06 A response regarding Immigration


10-05 A letter to the Mayor regarding a public ordinance declaring tobacco smoke a public nuisance.
02-05 A letter about a 'Road Tax' some crackpot politician thought up to. employ is in-laws in a               do-nothing job.


07-04 A fax to congressmen on the gay issue.
02-05 A letter to the governor concerning taxes.


11-02 My own personal crusade on seat belt laws.
01-02 A letter concerning the Microsoft anti-trust law suit.


12-04-2000 A letter to our legislator and a suggestion about allowing the ordinary citizen to get their  own blood tested.
08-00    A letter to all my congressmen warning them about Islam.
08-00 A letter requesting the FDA be allowed to regulate the TOBACCO industry.
07-00 Tobacco Farmers were crying in the media the trouble they were having selling their dope on the market.


07-99 The third letter to the IRS over a problem.